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Inside for Mac is a puzzle-platformer adventure video game developed and published by Playdead and first released in June 2016. In Inside for Mac, the player controls a young boy in a dystopic world, solving environmental puzzles while avoiding death in a 2.5D sidescrolling fashion, thematically and visually following up on the 2010 monochromatic video game Limbo.

Playdead started working on Inside shortly after the release of Limbo. Initially, the company started with the same custom game engine they used for Limbo, but later switched to Unity to simplify development. They developed rendering routines to give the game a signature look and which they later released as open source. Inside for Mac was partially funded by a grant from the Danish Film Institute.



Inside for Mac is a puzzle platformer in which the player character is an unnamed young red-shirted boy who explores a surreal environment presented as a primarily monochromatic 2.5D platform game, using color only to highlight parts of the environment. Inside for Mac is very dark in nature and mostly silent, with only occasional musical cues. The player controls the boy who walks, runs, swims, climbs, and uses objects to overcome obstacles and progress in Inside for Mac. Later the boy gains the ability to control bodies to complete certain puzzles, a mechanic that IGN’s Marty Sliva compared to a similar mechanic in The Swapper. At various points in the game, the player may discover hidden rooms containing glowing orbs. If all the orbs are deactivated during a playthrough, the player can unlock the game’s alternate ending.

The boy can die in various ways, such as being shot with a tranquilizer dart, mutilated by dogs, ensnared by security machines, blown apart by shockwaves, or drowning. As in the predecessor game Limbo, these deaths are presented realistically and are often graphic. If the character dies, Inside for Mac continues from the most recent checkpoint.

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